Config file

The config files of FISCO BCOS generator are placed under ./conf folder, including group’s genesis block config file group_genesis.ini, node config file node_deployment.ini.

The user configures node config file folder by operations on files under the conf folder.

Metadata folder meta

The meta folder of FISCO BCOS generator is metadata folder to store fisco-bcos binaries, chain certificate ca.crt, agency certificate agency.crt, agency private key and node certificate, group genesis block file, and so on.

The format of stored certificates should be cert_p2pip_port.crt. For example: cert_127.0.0.1_30300.crt.

FISCO BCOS generator will generate nodes config file according to the certificates under the meta folder and the config files under the conf folder.


Through modifying the configuration of group_genesis.ini, the user generates a configuration of new group genesis block under the specific directory and meta folder. Such as group.1.genesis.


;node p2p address of group genesis block


Node certificate is needed during generating genesis block. In the above case, the config file needs 4 nodes’ certificates, which are: cert_127.0.0.1_30301.crt, cert_127.0.0.1_30302.crt, cert_127.0.0.1_30303.crt and cert_127.0.0.1_30304.crt.


Through modifying node_deployment.ini configuration, user can use –build_install_package command to generate node config file containing no private key under a specific folder. Each section[node] configured by the user is the needed node config file folder. section[peers] is the p2p information for connection with other nodes.

For example:


# Owned nodes


Read the node config command. To generate node certificate and node config file folder will need to read the config file.

Template folder tpl

The template folder of the generator is as below:

├── config.toml # sdk config file
├── config.ini # node config file template
├── # OSCCA node config file template
├── group.i.genesis # group genesis block template
├── group.i.ini # group block configuration template
├──  # start node script template
├── # start nodes in batch script template
├── # stop node script template
└── # stop nodes in batch template

To modify the consensus algorithm of node and the configured default DB, the user only needs to alter the configuration of config.ini, re-execute the commands to set relative node information.

For details of FISCO BCOS configuration please check FISCO BCOS config file

P2p node connection file peers.txt

P2P node connection file peers.txt is the node connection information of the other agencies specified when generating node config file folder. When executing build_install_package command, it’s needed to determine the p2p node connection file peers.txt, according to which node config file folder will start communication with other nodes.

User that executes generate_all_certificates command generates peers.txt according to the node_deployment.ini filled under conf directory. The user that adopts other ways to generate certificate needs to generate p2p node connection file manually and send to peers. The format of the p2p node connection file is:

Format like this: node ip:p2p_listen_port

  • for multi-agency node communication, the files need to be combined