Change description


  • Fix the memory leak of the OSSCA-approved environment


Change description


  • Improved the fisco-sync tool to pull snapshot data from Data-Stash when a new node joins a group


  • Fixed a problem with system table missing hash_2_blockheader table information in MySQL mode

  • Fixed data conversion issue when node pulls data from Data-Stash in scalable mode


v2.6.x upgraded to v2.7.0

  • Compatible upgrade : Directly replace the binary of v2.6.x node with `v2.7.0 binary< https://github.com/FISCO-BCOS/FISCO-BCOS/releases/download/v2.7.0/fisco-bcos.tar.gz>`_ . The upgraded version fixes bugs in v2.6.x, and supports functions such as canceling event subscriptions, querying the topic information subscribed by nodes, and returning transaction receipts in batches, and the RPC interfaces related to node transactions and blocks return transactions and blocks The content of all fields and the receipt information returned by the node contain error information about transaction execution

  • Comprehensive upgrade :Refer to Install to build a new chain and resubmit all historical transactions to the new node. After the upgrade, the node contains all the new features of v2.7.0

  • v2.7.0 Release Note

Change description



  • MySQL storage mode supports MySQL 8.0

  • Refactor the RPC interface related to transactions and blocks, and return all field contents of transactions and blocks

  • The transaction push receipt contains the error message of the transaction execution result

  • P2P module adds logic to read and write idle check


  • Solve the problem of compiling errors in gcc9 and clang12

  • Precompiled contract error information is written into the receipt, giving a clearer error message

  • Optimized disk encryption to solve the problem of large storage space occupation in disk encryption mode

  • Fix the problem of node downtime caused by CachedStorage cleaning cache under MacOS system

  • Fix the problem that the CNS contract name is too long in MySQL storage mode, which causes abnormal block submission


The old version can directly replace the program upgrade

Recommended version Minimum version Description
console 2.7.0 1.0.4
Java SDK 2.7.0 2.6.1
Web3SDK 2.6.0 2.0.4
generator 1.6.0 1.2.0 To use latest generator, please clone from master branch of generator repo.
FISCO BCOS browser 2.0.2 2.0.0-rc2
Solidity up to 0.6.10 0.4.11

Compatibility mode rollback to v2.6.x method

After a node is upgraded from v2.6.x to v2.7.0 in compatibility mode, the rollback can be completed directly by replacing the node binary back to v2.6.x.