Class Fixed

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public class Fixed
extends FixedPointType
Signed fixed type.
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static Fixed DEFAULT  
    static java.lang.String TYPE_NAME  

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  • Constructor Summary

    Modifier Constructor Description
    protected Fixed​(int mBitSize, int nBitSize, java.math.BigInteger value)  
    protected Fixed​(int mBitSize, int nBitSize, java.math.BigInteger m, java.math.BigInteger n)  
      Fixed​(java.math.BigInteger value)  
      Fixed​(java.math.BigInteger m, java.math.BigInteger n)  
  • Method Summary

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    boolean dynamicType()  
    int offset()  

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    • Fixed

      protected Fixed​(int mBitSize, int nBitSize, java.math.BigInteger value)
    • Fixed

      public Fixed​(java.math.BigInteger value)
    • Fixed

      public Fixed​(java.math.BigInteger m, java.math.BigInteger n)
    • Fixed

      protected Fixed​(int mBitSize, int nBitSize, java.math.BigInteger m, java.math.BigInteger n)
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