Download & install

Environment dependency

Dependency of FISCO BCOS generator:

Dependent software Supported version
python 2.7+ or 3.6+
openssl 1.0.2k+
curl default version
nc default version

Download & install


$ git clone

# If you have network issue for exec the command above, please try:
$ git clone


$ cd generator
$ bash ./scripts/

Check if it is installed successfully.

$ ./generator -h
# if succeed, output usage: generator xxx

Pull node binaries

Pull the latest fisco-bcos binary files to meta.

$ ./generator --download_fisco ./meta

Check binaries version.

$ ./meta/fisco-bcos -v
# if succeed, output FISCO-BCOS Version : x.x.x-x

PSSource code compilation node binaries user need only to put the compiled binaries to meta directory.