v2.5.x upgraded to v2.6.0

  • Compatible upgrade :Directly replace the binary of the v2.5.x node with the v2.6.0 binary , new features and changes list below.

  • Full upgrade :Refer to Installation to build a new chain and resubmit all historical transactions to the new node. The upgraded node includes new features in v2.6.0

  • v2.6.0 Release Note

Change description


  • Added support for Kylin operating system V10 (Kunpeng-920/ARM aarch64)

  • Added support for Solidity 0.6

  • Added time alignment mechanism between nodes

  • Added support for IPv6

  • Added group SDK whitelist mechanism, which is disabled by default

  • Added getBlockheaderByNumber/getBlockHeaderByHash to get block header

  • Added support for configuring block execution timeout time


  • The rPBFT consensus algorithm introduces the VRF random number algorithm to further ensure the security of the consensus algorithm

  • The evm engine aleth-interpreter is replaced by evmone

  • Upgrade the EVMC interface version to 7.3.0

  • Source code compilation requires GCC version not less than 5.4.0

  • Support AMOP message routing to the node itself

  • In MySQL storage mode, block and other data use binary format and enable compression


  • Fixed a minor memory leak caused by the transaction broadcast tag cache not being cleaned up

  • Fixed the issue that transactions in the transaction pool of non-leader nodes cannot be packaged under the raft consensus

  • In MySQL storage mode, when the select interface of TablePrecompiled is called in the Solidity contract writing interface, the occasional gas calculation inconsistency problem occurs

  • The wrong certificate generated by the user causes coredump problems

  • Using assembly in Solidity to call the Ethereum precompiled contract 0x1-0x9, return success(value:0) for wrong input


The old version can directly replace the program upgrade

Recommended version Minimum version Description
console 1.1.0 1.0.4
SDK 2.6.0 2.0.4
generator 1.6.0 1.2.0 To use latest generator, please clone from master branch of generator repo.
FISCO BCOS browser 2.0.2 2.0.0-rc2
Solidity up to 0.6.10 0.4.11

Compatibility mode rollback to v2.5.x method

After a node is upgraded from v2.5.x to v2.6.0 in compatibility mode, the rollback can be completed directly by replacing the node binary back to v2.5.x.