v2.1.x upgrades to v2.2.0

  • Compatible upgrade : Directly replace the binary of the v2.1.x node with v2.2.0 binary. The upgraded version fixes bugs in v2.1.x but does not enable the new features in v2.2.0. In most cases, it is ok to rollback to v2.1.x after upgrading to v2.2.0. See the last section for more information.

  • Full upgrade : Refer to Install to build new chain and resubmit all historical transactions to the new node. The upgraded node contains the new features in v2.2.0.

  • v2.2.0 Release Note

Change description

New Features


Optimize the process, storage and protocol to improve performance.

  1. process

  • Commit RPC transactions to the transaction pool asynchronously

  • Parallelize the processing of transactions in the transaction pool

  • Optimize the caching strategy

  • Optimize lock granularity during parallel transaction execution

  • Optimize access to some objects to reduce copy costs

  1. Storage

  • Limit the table name length from 64 to 50

  • Block data and nonce data are encoded and written to storage in binary

  • Remove the sorting and hashing of partial tables when the data is submitted

  1. Agreement


  • Fix caching bugs in specific compatibility scenarios


2.1.0 is forward compatible. Old versions can upgrade to this new version by directly replacing the binaries for bug fixing purpose. But the new features of this version cannot be enabled unless you deploy a new chain with only new binaries from scratch.

Recommended version Minimum version Description
console 1.0.7 1.0.4
SDK 2.2.0 2.0.4
generator 1.2.0 1.1.0
FISCO BCOS browser 2.0.2 2.0.0-rc2
Solidity up to 0.5.2 0.4.11
amdb-proxy 2.2.0 2.0.2

Rollback to v2.1.x after compatible upgrading

After compatible upgrading to v2.2.0, we can rollback by simply replacing fisco-bcos binary file to v2.1.x.