One-click deployment

1. Premises

Environment Version
Java jdk1.8.0_121 or above version
python Python3.4+
database mysql-5.6 or above version
PyMySQL 使用python3时需安装

2. Pull code

Execute command:

git clone

# If you have network issue for exec the command above, please try:
git clone

Enter one-click deployment directory

cd fisco-bcos-browser/deploy

3. Modify config (except the unchanged ones):


​ a. Database and data should be prepared in advance.

​ b. The web service port shouldn’t be smaller than 1024.

# vi
Database IP: sed -i "s/${your_db_ip}/g"
Database prot: sed -i "s/3306/${your_db_port}/g"
Datebase user name: sed -i "s/dbUsername/${your_db_account}/g"
Database password: sed -i "s/dbPassword/${your_db_password}/g"
Database name: sed -i "s/db_browser/${your_db_name}/g"

Web service port: sed -i "s/5100/${your_web_port}/g"
Server service port: sed -i "s/5101/${your_server_port}/g"

Example (Change the database IP from to sed -i "s/" application.yml

4. Deploy

set up all the service:

python installAll

stop all the service:

python stopAll

other information can be found through the help parameter:

python help

5. Access the explorer

Typing the server IP and port had set before in the explorer:

6. Log directory

the default log directory is set as follow:

Deployment log:log/
Server log:server/log/
Web log:web/log/